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(OTTAWA, ON) October 6, 2016 – The Queen Elizabeth Scholars program is expanding, allowing more advanced scholars to benefit from the life-changing global experiences that the program offers. Universities Canada launched a call today to universities from across the country to submit new project proposals by November 25, 2016.

Contributions from Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) led to the $12.5 million expansion of the Queen Elizabeth Scholars program. Created to improve global talent exchange between Canada and other nations, the program helps develop the next generation of innovative leaders and community builders by providing enriched academic, professional and cross-cultural experiences and by facilitating lasting local and global community engagement.

“Extending the Queen Elizabeth Scholars program to include early career researchers reflects the growing significance of the program as a platform for international engagement and grows Canada’s global footprint,” says Paul Davidson, President and CEO of Universities Canada. “The first cohort of Queen Elizabeth Scholars is an impressive group, and this next phase hold great promise. I look forward to seeing how they’ll contribute to building a more innovative, prosperous and inclusive Canada.”

Participating scholars will have access to the advanced education, training and mentorship vital to cutting-edge innovation. They will engage in local development with industry, government, and civil society organizations.

“We are delighted that IDRC’s $10 million contribution will expand the Queen Elizabeth Scholars program to provide new learning opportunities for doctoral, post-doctoral, and early career scientists from low- and middle-income countries, as well as in Canada,” says Jean Lebel, President of the International Development Research Centre. “These students will become the leaders of tomorrow who will influence the change that will improve the lives of people throughout the world.”

“SSHRC is proud to be partnering on the Queen Elizabeth Scholars program to give students additional research and training opportunities in the humanities and social sciences, such as working with Indigenous communities across the world,” says Ted Hewitt, President of SSHRC. “The program will contribute to build and sustain a strong research environment, here and abroad, preparing students to succeed within and beyond academia.”

“We are delighted to support the Queen Elizabeth Scholars program, which helps young Canadians across the country grow as leaders and global citizens through their enriched experiences,” says Scott Haldane, Rideau Hall Foundation President and CEO. “It is through leading programs such as this one that Canada will make advancements as a nation in the key areas of learning, leading and innovation.”

“Globalization has had a profound impact on how we share ideas and engage in our communities. The expansion of the Queen Elizabeth Scholars program will provide even more opportunities for a global exchange of talent, and is a prime example of leadership coming together from all sectors and all over the world to have impact,” says Andrew Chunilall, Chief Operating Officer with Community Foundations of Canada. “This call will invite a new wave of activation between community foundations and local universities as we continue to explore ways to connect our communities with others globally.”

The Queen Elizabeth Scholars program is managed through a unique partnership of Universities Canada, Rideau Hall Foundation, Community Foundations of Canada, and Canadian universities. It was first introduced by the Governor General of Canada David Johnston and former Prime Ministers Stephen Harper and Jean Chrétien. There are currently more than 500 Queen Elizabeth Scholars from 36 Canadian universities across the country.



About Universities Canada

Universities Canada is the voice of Canada’s universities at home and abroad, representing the interests of 97 Canadian public and private not-for-profit universities.

About International Development Research Centre

Part of Canada’s foreign affairs and development efforts, IDRC invests in knowledge, innovation, and solutions to improve lives and livelihoods in the developing world. Bringing together the right partners around opportunities for impact, IDRC builds leaders for today and tomorrow and helps drive large-scale positive change.

About Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council is a separate agency of the Government of Canada founded in 1977 and mandated to promote and support postsecondary-based research and training in social sciences and the humanities. Through grants, fellowships and scholarships, SSHRC helps Canada’s researchers and research institutions do what they do best: train the next generation of talented, creative thinkers and doers; build knowledge and understanding about people, cultures and societies; and drive the innovations that address the challenges of today and tomorrow.

About Rideau Hall Foundation

Rideau Hall Foundation gathers, aligns and catalyzes ideas, people and resources to move the Canadian spirit and our shared aspirations forward. As an independent, non-political charitable organization, it works collaboratively with the Office of the Governor General and many multi-sectoral partners to promote the advancement of a smart and caring nation in the priority areas of learning, leadership, innovation and giving.

About Community Foundations of Canada

Community Foundations of Canada is the national network for Canada’s 191 community foundations. Together we are a philanthropic movement working across sectors to help Canadians invest in building strong and resilient communities.

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